Baby Zips: how to easily dress your baby, whatever the challenge is

We live in Canada, and it gets cold up here, believe it or not. Our baby needs to stay warm and waterproof.  But dressing a struggling child is not always that easy.

That is until we found his coat from Baby Zips. We got their First Winter jacket. It has fleece insulation to keep our baby warm and is also water-resistant. And with the zippers up and down the arms, putting it on or taking it off becomes a whole lot easier. The hood comes with a drawstring, so you can keep it tight around his face and lock the warmth in. The coat feels extremely soft on the inside, like wrapping your bundle of joy in a cloud.  And your baby can wear it as a poncho as well.

The Baby Zips clothing line was designed by a couple whose child has limb differences. In their desperate search for winter clothing that was easy to put on, they invented Baby Zips. Their story is truly inspiring. They want clothing to be inclusive to all children, whatever their body looks like.

Baby Zips offers coats and hoodies with a versatile fit, which makes dressing your child effortless. Your baby will be warm and stylish in this lightweight and cozy jacket.