The Solution for Storing Toys

Those of us with kids know it, the toys get everywhere! Now, MiniOwls offers some great solutions to tidy up your house!

We tested some chest-organizing toy storage pouches, which fit perfectly in our IKEA Kallax and cube bins. But I must honestly say that the kids love the fact that they are see-through,  and they use them to take their toys everywhere! Luckily, they are waterproof, as they are being taken out on our trips as well.

They are not too large. So when you fill one up with Lego blocks, for example, it still stays portable for the kids. The see-through plastic is great for quickly identifying the contents. Their square form makes them great to put next to each other in the toy bin. They stand up well and do not fall over, even when full.

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I took a look through their website, and MiniOwls has a lot more to offer, which I am excited to try out! They have hammocks for bath toys and stuffed animals, toy storage chains, stickers to label your toy containers, and even big bags that turn into couches when filled with stuffed toys!

This woman-owned company that started with toy hammocks, is now known all over the world. Two moms were desperate to get their houses under control and decided to share the solutions they found with the rest of the world.

MiniOwls supports various non-profit organizations, such as breast cancer and autism foundations.

You can find their whole collection on Amazon, much to the pleasure of the Amazon Prime members.