Back to School Masks

It’s back to school time. We wanted some different ideas for back to school masks and came up with a list of some different takes on back to school.


Juju Band
These masks are adorable. They have wonderfully fun patterns as well as solids that your kids will love. The inside of the masks has a waffle texture, which makes them very easy to breathe in. These masks are great for a long day at school or work.






Danari Wear
Danari traditionally manufactured medical scrubs, and now they are making masks from the same material. These masks come in three sizes and a variety of solid colors, so there is a mask for every outfit. The quality is synonymous with the scrubs Danari has been making for more than fifty years.









Mabel’s Labels
Mabel’s Labels masks are the softest I tried on. The material is moisture-wicking, and I love that it has the adjustable nose wire for maximum comfort and fit. The colors and patterns are really cool!







Satsuma Designs

Satsuma Designs has catered to school kids who wear uniforms. You can get a cool plaid or a solid mask with your school logo on it. They are very comfortable and lightweight. There is also an extra protective lining.








Soft as a Grape

Soft as a Grape has created very fashionable masks. They have many designs with sequins such as a heart and wine glass. I think my favorite is “2020 Sucks,” and the sequined paw print is a close second. These are also one of the most affordable lines of masks.







Silken Pure

The Silken Pure mask makes high-quality masks that are great for school. They are really soft, so if your kid has sensory issues, they will be perfect, the masks also have adjustable straps so that it will fit any kid.







Clique users 100% mulberry silk so for the mom who wants to look her best at school pick up, this might be a good option. Please feel incredible and are extremely breathable. I love that these feel nice but are also well desired. I think they’re great for an evening event too.







These masks I designed for comfort and designed to put on your face perfectly. The patterns are very pretty and the materials are adjustable and designed quite well. They are also reversible also have a solid on one side and a pattern on the other.











These masks are really unique!   They are charcoal and the Graphene Oxide is it’s own thing in blocking the virus.

It’smedical grade and it looks snazzy too.

It’s 4-play and says it can block .3 nanometers or smaller but I just love how it looks so clean and secure in the packaging.