Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit Takes Learning and Fun to New Levels

I admit it, as a working mom that now has been working from home full time, getting my kid a tablet was a life saver.  I had held out getting her a “screen” until it was apparent I would need to work from home, and then I tried to make sure she had learning games and shows on it so while I was doing a Zoom meeting she would be learning during screen time.  However, I still felt guilty as I watched her on it, just sitting around.  Sure, she is having fun, and learning some too, but I wished she could have more interactive learning.  Osmo has been the perfect combination for what I wanted for her and what she needs.

Osmo games incorporates real, tangible play and learning with what is on the screen.  The Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit is designed for ages 3-5 and includes what you will need for 4 games.  It is compatible with iPads or Fire tablets, and the set up was very easy.  The Little Genius Starter Kit includes: Osmo Base for Fire Tablet, 4 game apps, 38 silicone sticks and rings, 19 costume pieces, 1 silicone play mat, and stackable storage boxes for the included pieces.  Perfect for budding “Osmonauts” as the packaging shows (so cute and my daughter liked the thought of being an astronaut), the 4 game apps for the Little Genius Starter Kit promote fine motor skills development, pre-reading, and storytelling.  The game apps included are: ABC’s, Costume Party, Stories, and Squiggle Magic.  The Osmo system uses the iPad or tablet’s camera to scan what the kids make on the silicone play mat and then bring it up onto the screen to use in the game.

My 4 year old started with the ABC’s game and I could not stop smiling as I watched how she blossomed and was so happy!  I felt better for one because Osmo is not just another screen game, but is causes her to be more active, gives her something to manipulate with her hands, pushes her creativity, and develops her problem solving skills through active play.  She was delighted with the character, Mo the Monster, and how he seemed to talk right to her as well as how he could “see” what she made and brought it onto the screen with him.  The praise that Mo gave when she completed a task, even if it was not perfect, boosted her self confidence that she could do it, and she was able to press the screen if she needed a little help figuring out how to make something.  The Osmo Little Genius games were feeding into her age level of interests while challenging her to learn more, and it kept her happy and occupied.  She was so excited to move on to the next thing, and excitedly shared what she had learned.  To see her have that early joy of learning, and be learning both with something tangible in front of her and on the screen, I feel great saying “yes” when she asks to play on her tablet!

Osmo also has games and apps for kids ages 5-12 that cover everything from reading and math to world geography, physics, drawing, and coding.  I am looking forward to opening up her horizons with the fun and engaging games Osmo has to offer to continue to encourage the love of learning.  Get your kids actively engaged during screen time learning today by checking out all Osmo has to offer at their Amazon site.