Back To School Means Busy….Busy Beauty Of Course!

Guys – I’ve talked about this company before – Busy Beauty.  They are just the bomb.  Safe products that cut your “daily beauty prep” time down to a manageable schedule.  Literally you can shampoo your hair, condition, shave or wash in less than 5 minutes.  Also; these products smell delicious.  I had the pleasure a month or so ago of trying them out and now my family is hooked.  Just when I didn’t think it was possible to dazzle me any further in the mail arrives their Deodorant Wipes and I am on cloud nine.  One little wipe gives you 24 hour protection.  Oh and if you love citrus this is the wipe for you.  They have this awesome super clean grapefruit scent that I cannot get enough of.  They are aluminum free and great for people with sensitive skin.  Actually, the wipes are made with cucumber, oat and chamomile extracts.   They are wrapped totally individually so perfect option for the purse, work tote, gym bag or even the glove box of your car.  I know I used to stick a deodorant in my car and it would actually melt and get grossly reshaped.  Never again!  These people really thought of it all – just amazing products that make our busy lives so so much easier.

Once again – check out Busy Beauty!  Cannot wait to see what comes out next!

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