Jambo Book Club Provides Monthly Enjoyment for Kids and Families

Reading to our children is so crucial to support positive development.  All parents have the best intentions to try and keep up with the daily routine and incorporate reading.  However, sometimes reading the same book week after week boring, and sometimes getting to the library every week is hard.  Enter the Jambo Book Club to save the day!

Every month, a vividly colorful box arrives (with a new design every time) and will have two specially picked books for your kid, addressed to them.  Jambo Books believes in expanding awareness, appreciation, and inclusivity of people of all cultures and ethnicities.  Their book selections incorporate main characters that are diverse, teaching kids that everyone is important and belong.  The themes of the books range from fantasy to kids in every day situations, helping the kids explore different topics and settings.  You can choose from different ages for the books to be geared to, and Jambo likes to know a bit about the child to help better tailor the book choices.

The Jambo books for August that came in our box are My Mommy Medicine by Edwidge Danticat, illustrated by Shannon Wright and Summer Color! by Diana Murray, illustrated by Zoe Persico.  My 3 year old loved them, delighted by the colors and descriptions of Summer Color! and finding all the animals on each page.  After reading My Mommy Medicine, a few days later she was not feeling well and asked for it again to be read to her, saying that’s all she needed to feel better.

Whether joining the Jambo Book Club for your kids or as a gift for someone, it’s a great investment in opening up a child’s world and imagination.  Give the gift of literature and a better world with https://www.jambobooks.com/.

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