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Bae Six

So my daughter and I fight daily over different skincare products in the bathroom.  We just both checked out the great products from Bae Six this week and couldn’t be happier sharing them with each other and also with you!

They are made with 100% Organic and Vegan ingredients.  The company cares about what you are putting on your skin—so happy and refreshing when you hear that!

New items they offer that we are loving:

All Day Err’ Day Face Moisturizer ($32):  This is going to help prevent sun damage and has so many botanicals you will lose count.  It protects and nourishes as you go about your busy day.

Bare Faced Friend Face Wash ($26): My teenage daughter’s favorite.  This is a great and gentle cleanser that also exfoliates.  She uses it at the end of the day but you could totally do both morning and night!  Very non-drying.

Mazzzk Overnight Reviving Mask ($45):  This one I LOVED.  You really are up against the elements all day so when you hop into bed it is kind of nice to indulge with a great, reviving sleep mask.  It has antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins that repair your skin as you sleep.  What could be easier?? Also, my face is so soft when I wake up.

They have great gift sets too; maybe a little something to go with that graduation gift you are getting for your college-bound gift recipients!

So many other great options too!  Check them out!