Jove Water Review


We must go through 2-3 cases of bottled water in this house each week.  And while I am thrilled we are all hydrated, I am always looking for better. Enter Jove Water for the win!

Jove Water is a super smooth, pH 9.5+ alkaline water that you can easily grab through Amazon and Publix!  This is special water actually as it has undergone this cool 3-step process that ensures skin and cellular health.  The water is jam-packed with positive ions which makes it more efficiently hydrating.   Here is what they do.  First, Jove purifies the water with this 9-step reverse osmosis process.  Then they infuse it with their patented liquid silica.  Finally, they charge it with electrons (the primary source of our energy).

I have been enjoying (1) liter of Jove a day and I really see a difference in my attitude, sleep, and skin.  I’m not kidding.  I hid them from the rest of my family.

Let’s talk quickly about the name Jove…it is a clever combination of Joy + Love.  How perfect and cute.  All in one awesome bottle of water.   This product is zero calories, sugar-free, fluoride-free, BPA and BPS free, and also contains no artificial flavoring.

Check Jove Water out!