Baked Deliciousness Without The Guilt

We are entering really dangerous territory here: I am talking about the holiday baked goods eating binge.  We all say we aren’t going to do it and then WE ALL DO.  I want you all to know that as I type this piece I am eating 3-4 pieces of Halloween candy.

I spent some mommy-daughter time tonight trying out some new baking mixes I received to test run from Sans Sucre.  This company boasts yumminess in the form of sugar and gluten-free, naturally sweetened by Stevia.    We started out with the “Fudge Brownie” mix followed by the “Blondie Brownie”.  Each was super easy to whip up; just like any other cake mix you are accustomed to preparing (water/vegetable oil). I will be honest; I was a little worried about the taste.  A little while later we sat down to dessert and I have to say they were delicious!  Full on baked good flavor and the house smelled amazing.  I can’t believe it but you literally have a mix here where you don’t have to sacrifice flavor to put something a little healthier in your body.

But could the mousse mix be as good? A few days later I grabbed a packet of the mix, added milk and blended until whipped.  After a little fridge time we were good to go and I was literally in heaven.  Like “gonna take a bubble bath with no one in the house” kind of heaven.

These are really affordable at under $8 a box and you can buy them at and among other sites.  Totally try them and eat the brownie without all the guilt!

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