I need some books to read (and they better be smutty)

Mr. Grey was a staple in my home for quite some time.  He literally rules; this has set quite a precedent and I have been saying to myself for months now “what else is out there to read that I will love just as much”.  I mean, this guy is rich, handsome, damaged and has a helicopter – this is just not normal and I love it.  After work, PTA, kid drama and the usual nonsense I need something else to keep me going and honestly these books were the best.  I decided to bring you more series that are quite a good alternative to our favorite book trilogy.

Ladies: make a list and get the hubby shopping for the holidays.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  I love the names of these series; the desire, the rich tycoon, the damsel in distress.  These are amazing and I can read them for hours upon hours and forget about the pile of dishes to be washed and the clothes to be folded.

Check these out and read up my lovelies!

The Breathing Series: bestselling author Rebecca Donovan brings you a wonderful adult trilogy (Reason to Breathe, Barely Breathing, Out of Breath) and takes you through the rather involved romance of Emma and Evan.