Baseus Wireless Earbuds Are On Sale Today

Everybody needs a good set of general earbuds. After having used buds for about two years I went from not feeling comfortable with them to now I can’t live without them.

The Baseus are on a stupid cheap sale of almost 25% off at $27.76 total.  The fact that they’re also four stars on Amazon and they really are a pretty good deal.

Now, why do I like them? Well first, the quality is pretty good. I’m not going to say that they compare to the $200 earbuds my husband has but they certainly are in a pretty good range and at $27, they’re a great pair to throw in the pocketbook.

Which leads to reason number two I like them. Most earbuds I’ve seen do not have the lost feature that these do. I’ve only seen the “lost” feature to help you find them on AirPods and these have them build in via their Baeus App which really is a nice and lovely feature.

So I mentioned throwing them in the purse and these are really perfect for that.  Every time I go out, one of my kids says it’s too loud and they of course lost their earbuds. Because of the three reasons I mentioned, these are awesome for your “always carry” buds.

You can press a button and find them when you’re little b—stards lose them!  Two, the quality is pretty good. Third, the battery life means they’ll last a while in my purse. Plus they have the noise cancellation.

But at $27 on Amazon, you can’t go wrong!