Top Wine Accessories

Who doesn’t love a glass of wine? I mean, of course, I’m only referring to adults of legal age, but what I didn’t know was how many wine “accessories” there were in the world. If you’re gift-giving to a wine lover in your life, of course, you can grab them a bottle of Chardonnay or Merlot, but maybe you’re getting sick of just grabbing a bottle.


Below, you’ll see our top products we’ve found for wine accessories or wine gifts. I didn’t know that was a thing, but here we are, and I’m happy for knowing it.


A game with wine tasting as well as a bit of learning, what fun!  Did you ever want to wine taste like a professional sommelier?  Each player brings a wine from the list, and then game night is basically a wonderful affair of tasting.  That said, after a few rounds, you’re not really knowing your name anymore, but I am quite happy.  This makes for a perfect gals night or really any game night.

Palate Club

You’ll notice a theme with blind wine tasting but palate club takes it in a direction with an AI.  It’s not a game but four premium bottles chose especially for you. You use the app to see what matches your tastes and it helps you narrow down your favorite types of wines.   I love this idea and I love the interactivity of the app with the wines itself.



Vine to Bar

Our friends at Kendall-Jackson have an interesting twist here. It’s not a game, but a wine to chocolate pairing built right together. Vine to Bar has the dark chocolates as well as the pairing. It’s one stop shopping so you don’t even have to think too hard. If you like wine and you like chocolate, and face it, who doesn’t, then this combo makes life so easy and also so wonderful.



Cork Genius

This combo pack is a great gift for any wine lover. It includes the Air Pump Bottle Opener, Bottle-Top Aerator, Wine Foil Cutter, and Vacuum Seal Wine Stopper. Now my favorite, by far is the Air Pump Bottle Opener which gives it that lovely “pop” sound and is just super fun. It’s also so much easier to use then a corkscrew. I love this combo pack because it just is so simple and easy for one stop shopping.

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