Batiste Dry Shampoo

We are all so busy; for me the day starts when it is still dark outside and runs until about midnight.  Then repeat again x 5.  By the weekend I am a literal zombie.  And as a mommy of two taking care of my kids who has time to take care of myself? I barely have time to apply make up let alone wash and style my hair each day.  Thankfully I just tried out batiste dry shampoo and I now have a wonderful alternative to “refresh” my hair!  Winner of the 2015 award, batiste is a wonderful dry shampoo that targets and eliminates excess oil and grease.  No water necessary: spray, massage into hair, style and off you go on your day!  There are quite a few options available but I want to mention that I tried out the “sassy and daring wild” fragrance and I am so thrilled with the results.  My hair looks fresh and smells awesome and I have been receiving compliments galore!  There are other great options available: clean and classic, floral and flirty blush, cool and crisp fresh, coconut and exotic tropical (I MUST TRY ASAP), fruity and cheeky cherry and bright and lively floral essences. If you color your hair no worries at all: they have a line of products for that as well.   I cannot imagine how fabulous they all are based upon my love for the “sassy/wild” combo I possess.  I love the smell, the texture and the whole easiness of the process.  Where has batiste been my entire mommy life?!? Please visit for more information.  #batistestyle your look to be a part of the Company’s fan page.  The best part is you can purchase this product almost anywhere: CVS, Walgreens, ULTA, Rite Aid, Amazon, Walmart and Target to name a few.  Retailing at under $10 a bottle how can you go wrong?


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