CloSYS Oral Health Care

I am going to help you all change what you are using in your home currently with regard to oral health care.  I just introduced these wonderful products from CloSYS and I really think we are onto something in my goal to make us healthier in 2016.  Oral health actually has connections to various aspects of your overall health.  CloSYS makes it really easy; simply use their oral care products each day and visit your dentist regularly and you are on your way!  My family has been trying out their products for the last few weeks and we are so happy with them!  Usually my #1 problem with mouth rinse is the harsh “alcohol” taste/make up that actually burns my mouth.  These are completely alcohol free products that contain Cloralstan® (stabilized chloride dioxide) stops plaque in its tracks and kills harmful bacteria in the mouth.  I started out with their “anti-cavity fluoride toothpaste” which tasted great!  Even my picky son liked it!  The “Oral Health Rinse” is simply the best I have tried.  You can choose unflavored or “mild mint” (we were actually sent a small tube of the mint flavoring to use as we saw fit which worked out awesome for our differing tastes).  Finally, the hubby and I adore their “Fresh Breath Oral Spray” for when we just cannot get to a sink to brush (perfect for work)!  This will freshen your breath and your mouth to help you get through the rest of your day.  Each product we tried was flavored perfectly with no harshness.  Please visit more information and to purchase these great products.  A great way to try them for yourself is their “One Month Fluoride Kit” that comes with the mouth rinse, toothpaste, oral spray, tongue cleaner and toothbrush.  Everything you need to get your oral health on the perfect track!


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