Bee & You Products To Enjoy!

How about a great product line that combines skin care, anti-aging, vitamins, immunity boosting and antiviral all in one!  Check out Bee & You and you can be sure you and your body are on the right track!  Here are a few of their wonderful and quality products we are considering a must in my home:

Propolis Cough Syrup ($14): its a germy world out there.  Everyone has a “cough” of sorts.  This product is a great alternative to cough syrups you buy in your local pharmacy.  It is super high in antioxidants and made with Propolis, Raw Honey and Orange Juice.  What is Propolis?? A bee product that honeybees collect from leaves, buds and stems of plants.  It is a natural protective barrier against fungus, bacteria and viruses.  Completely PERFECT for these times we are living in.  Back to the cough syrup; this is great for kids and adults, it is all natural, soothes your throat, cough and mucus and is packed with vitamin C.

Royal Jelly + Propolis + Bee Pollen Chewable Tablets ($12.74):  This product is great for support on anti-aging, skin health and cognitive functioning.  You can either chew or swallow them.  They are all natural, super high in antioxidants and immune support.  Also great for your heart and allergies.  Take 2 a day; couldn’t be easier!

15% Pure Propolis Water Soluble Extract ($14.24): ok these are my new favorite.  I add about 20 drops to my water in the morning and have a great way to battle through whatever comes my way.  This is your daily wellness must!  They offer immune support, fight against bacteria, viruses, fungi, remove toxins from your body, help with inflammation and more.  There is zero calories and zero sugar!

Check out these and all their amazing products!  Cannot wait to see what else they have in store for my home’s wellness!