Great Keto Snacks With BHU Foods!

I am into month number two of trying to eat better and be healthier in general.  I was so excited to received samples of great, healthy snacks from BHU Foods.  These are all low sugar, vegan, keto, gluten-free, organic and plant-based options.   And they are really amazing treats!

Here are a few I am loving right now:

BUU Keto Cookie Dough: this is low in carbs, full of protein and has very little sugar.  Flavors include peanut butter chocolate chip, chocolate chip, chocolate coconut and double dark chocolate.  I personally love their chocolate chip.  It truly is a yummy blend of cashew butter and monk fruit sweetened chips.  This is the perfect option to beat my after dinner before bed cravings with basically zero guilt.  Great texture and no bad after-taste like other products.

BHU Keto Bites:  these are a great snack full of protein and low on carbs.  I brought a bag of their peanut butter chocolate chip cookie to work and couldn’t be happier.  I grab one as a quick treat or “pick me up” around the 2PM work slump and I know I am doing my body a favor!  It keeps me going and just tastes so delicious!  Comes in awesome flavors like chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia, double dark chocolate, peanut butter chocolate chip and chocolate mint cookie dough.

BHU Keto Bars: These are creamy and delicious protein bars in an array of amazing flavors with 1g of sugar, 11g of protein and 1g of netcarb.  They are gluten free and contain no alcohol sugar, cane sugar or artificial ingredients.  I am loving their chocolate mint cookie dough flavor; they kind of remind me of my favorite door to door cookie order but with ZERO of the guilt!

Check out all their great items to satisfy your cravings in such a healthier way!