Belli For The Skincare Win!

The pandemic, while bad has really given us the opportunity to take some time and buy/do things for you.  Yup; I said it.  Take time for you.  At a time with no carpools, daily birthday parties and sport events, it is slightly refreshing to order something to better yourself.

Belli Beauty is killing it with quality.  You literally need to check out every dang item they sell.  I am super pampered with the box of goodies I have been checking out.  Here is some info on items my house has been sampling this week.

Exfoliating body polish – yup it is amazing.  This is fruit/citrus/avocado/shea butter and more.  You buff away dull skin, wash away the bad and quite honestly it smells amazing ($18.00).

Pure and pampered body wash – this is your daily body wash.  My kid kind of stole it from me; cucumber, green tea, lavender – the whole deal actually.  So soft and luxurious ($13.00)

Stretchmark Minimizing Cream – did you just have a baby? Even if you didn’t these stretch marks simply have to go.  Apply this super smooth cream with avocado/coconut/ginseng and more both day and night for a month and I promise you will see results ($29.00).

Anti-Blemish Facial Wash – so this product I cannot say enough about.  This is going to exfoliate and clean your skin especially if you are blemish prone.  This product you use, leave on for 5 minutes and you are good to go.  Smells terrific! ($22.00)

Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub – this product works for face and skin.  You can use it 2-3 times a week and you massage it into your skin.  This is super rejuvenating; peppermint, green tea and ginseng.  ($24.00)

Elasticity Belly Oil- are you preggers?  This is pure stretch mark protection  – start early and you will have no problems.  You can apply as liberally as possible.  Your skin will feel soft and honestly super relaxed.  ($34.00)

Eye Brightening Cream – This is the royal treatment.  This is for all skin types.  We are all super tired and this is the solution.  Pat under your eyes and you will look refreshed and well rested even after a few applications.  ($29.00)

Check out Belli – each and every product is like a spa treatment from home!