OOLY For Summer Creativity

Some things are slowly opening up and that is wonderful!  I see a slight horizon of a possibility of summer fun for my kids and I’ll take what I can get.  I have already decided this will be a different summer of sorts and as such we are going to do things we’ve never really done or “never really had time to do” before.  Simple things like tossing a Frisbee, or a fun DIY project that you have screen-shotted in your phone yet never did get around to doing.  My daughter is very artistic and I have a great supply of fun new products from OOLY to keep her busy!

Their new products are just the bees knees!  When I was a child I just adored scented markers and art products.  Check out their strawberry pastel highlighters for $5 (guys, full disclosure I kept them for myself to use for work LOL).  Worried about making some mistakes?  How about the cutest erasers on the planet.  A 5 pack of macaroon (vanilla scented) will cost you about $6.50 while a 3 pack of the most adorable ice cream pop erasers will run you about $5.00.

I simply cannot deal with their double dip markers; not even normal how cute they are.  They are ice cream scented and have double ended tips (one end thin and one end chisel).  They are washable so don’t worry and run about $12.50.  For school in September we are all ready with our adorable unicorn pencils (12 pack for $5) and our sweet things happy pack ($12.99) which includes pencils, erasers and this awesome mighty sharper that sharpens three different sizes!  Scented sticker packs, cute note tabs and so much more!  Please check them out you will be addicted upon first glance!