Berres Brothers Releases New Flavors

berres brothers new flavors

Two new coffee flavors have just come out from Berres Brothers Coffee. We covered them already in our Top Coffees to Try this year and fell in love with their flavored coffees. Now they have two more flavors to try.

On the left, you’ll see Caramel Overload Grogg which has a lovely caramel flavor when you’re brewing it. In fact, it has such a distinct and lovely caramel flavor you might just wanna leave it brewing in your coffee machine for a few hours and let the kitchen fill with the smell. In no time, the kitchen had such a wonderful Caramel smell.

The other one is the Butternut Rum which also has a wonderful distinct smell, but did make me wish I had a butternut Rum cake. Could you imagine matching the coffee with the cake? I’d be the best mom in the neighborhood.  But Butternut Rum was my grandmother’s favorite cake so it did bring up quite some pleasant memories.  Now I need to run out and buy a Butternut Rum cake.

If you’re interested in trying any of these flavors, check out Berres Brothers Coffee, or if you want other ideas you can check out our top coffees list.