StandWithSanna Is Trending on Twitter

Over the past weekend, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin caught some flack because of a video showing her dancing. Political pressure increased to the point of pushing her to get a drug test. And now the hashtag StandWithSanna is trending on Twitter.

Yes, a young woman at the age of 36 has a controversy over dancing. Did she use drugs? Did she do anything illicit? So far the answer to all of these questions seems to be no. In support of Prime Minister Sanna Marin, people on social media have been posting videos of themselves dancing to show how innocuous of an activity it is.

Now, also keep in mind that this was a private video taken amongst friends, but I suspect that this friend is no longer a friend.

There are now dozens of videos trending with #SolidarityWithSanna showing Finnish women of all ages quite happily dancing.

The awesome Megha Mohan seems to have uploaded the original video which has now reached over 3 million views plus probably hundreds of copies.

Supporters are even bringing up the brilliant point that Finland is rated one of the happiest countries to live in.

Some countries have controversies regarding election fraud, espionage, and war. But here we have a 36-year-old woman dancing with her friends and the world is losing its mind.

Do you StandWithSanna?