Best Amazon Cyber Monday Deals (excluding Books)

The problem with the Amazon Cyber Monday deals is that when you sort by the best deals and best discounts it basically only shows you the books. This really is annoying as honestly I don’t need 20 pages of books.  We scoured Amazon for the best Cyber Monday deals that you can get right now and eliminated all of the books.

Here are the best items to consider and even the magical search that got us here.

Check it out and did you find any amazing Amazon deals yourself? I personally ordered a few of these.

  • With all of the run on toilet paper, don’t you want a bidet? It will save you a roll or two.







2.When you don’t know what the hell to get the neighbor’s kid, this feels like a great generic gift

3. This is like a seriously good gaming mouse.

4. I am ordering this Webcam as it’s so much better than my built in camera


5. I am quite excited about this hose as I’m going through a broken hose a year

6. Everybody needs an Alexa, in every room of their house!




Did you order any of above? How did you like my magic Amazon search to eliminate books and other useless stuff?



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