Cookies for Christmas – Three Reviews by a Kid

I have always loved the holidays, and what better way to celebrate the holidays than having a box of cookies delivered straight to your door. Here’s a list of our recent favorite online bakeries to lift your holiday spirit this year.



Maya’s Cookies

Maya’s Cookies is a black-owned vegan cookies shop based in San Diego. They make cookie boxes and tins that you can mail directly to your house. Our favorites were the white chocolate cranberry cookies. These cookies are an excellent gift for the holidays







OMG… It’s Gluten Free


OMG…  it’s Gluten Free makes baked goods from bread to brownies all gluten free. They are delicious and taste just like they have gluten. These baked goods are a perfect gift for anyone with a gluten allergy.










The Maui Cookie Lady

The Maui Cookie Lady makes giant cookies that can be shipped straight to your door. The cookies are about 6 oz, so one cookie is enough for at least two people. These cookies are soooo good and a great treat over the holidays.