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I am now officially on the bandwagon to becoming a calmer, healthier and overall better well being!  I have been doing my quiet research for a few years now on the rage that is now “CBD” or Cannabidiol.  I will say at first I was like everyone else; the whole “won’t it just make me high and/or tired” ran through my head.  Couldn’t be further from the truth actually.  CBD is one of 85 cannabis compounds found in hemp that provides mental and physical wellness.  It is known to improve circulation, focus, inflammation, sleep and so much more.  Well hell….it’s possible this stuff could save a marriage.  It is available in a bunch of different ways too: edibles, lotions, oils, creams, and more!  Check out below some of the cool products and brands I have checked out in my mission to learn the most I could about the CBD craze.

Half Day Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil:  this oil comes in 500-1000 mg doses and an array of flavors.  I tried out the natural flavor which had a very mild and decent flavor.  One dropper full will last you half the day.Kind of reminded me of taking a daily vitamin.  Bottle will cost you about $39.99.

Half Day CBD Gummies: ok; these I love.  Each bear has 25mg of CBD and flavors include berries and coffee.  They cost between $25-$45 depending on package size and are my personal fave of the brand!

Half Day 350mg Salve: if muscle aches or soreness are your issue look no further.  This is CBD meets shea butter and essential oils and couldn’t be more amazing.  It smells yummy, has awesome healing qualities and can be reapplied every 4-6 hours.  It will cost you around $40.00.

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Extract Concentrated Soft Gel Supplements:  These are a great daily supplement worth checking out.  You get yourself 30 soft gel capsules for $40.00.  You can take one up to four times a day.  This is a great way to get the benefits of the oil treatment without any taste etc.

Hemp Theory Fast-Acting Pain Cream: This is AMAZING for back, knee, joint, nerve and arthritis pain as well as bruises and sprains.  This is hemp meets menthol and my buddy actually is saying he doesn’t even need over the counter anti inflammatory medications anymore!  A 3 oz tube will run you around $40.00.

Hemp Theory Honey:  Where are my tea drinkers?  In my new plan of being healthier and calmer I myself have been dabbling in tea at night.  Where are my anxiety stricken people? Myself being one of them I was super intrigued.  A serving size is 2tsp and each yummy spoonful is infused with Nanobidiol (full spectrum nano hemp extract).  I am calmer, sleeping better and in a great mood!

Hemp Theory Extract Supplement: this is jam packed with hemp seed, orange, grape seed and coconut oils.  Dosage is one dropper twice a day.  Also perfect for pain/anxiety/sleep and whatever is ailing you.  Taste is good.  Omega 3 and 6 also help with inflammation and brain function.  This product is safe for dogs and cats as well!  The cost is about $30 for a 1fl oz bottle.

Cloud 10 CBD Infused Haircare:  This product is actually changing my hair strength in little over a week of usage.  This is bringing shine, moisture, elasticity, strength etc.  Shampoo/conditioner will cost you about $27.00 each bottle.  I use this as my first shampoo twice a week but is is gentle enough for everyday use.  It has a terrific orange/fresh smell.  Also available are toners, lotions and mists(about $30 a bottle).    The lotion is GREAT for adding nourishment and anti frizz back into my hair right before I use the blow dryer.  So happy with my scalp right now!

Ok so we have items to ingest, products to rub on what is hurting you and supplements to add into your daily regime.  Check out this new and emerging CBD revolution.  Your body, mind and hair will thank you for it!

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