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Like I’ve been saying I am working on me right now.  My mind, body and soul to be exact.  I am someone who works too hard, always has anxiety and honestly just needs to be lighter (both physically and mentally).  I am loving the fact that this week I was able to try out these great products from Living The Good Life Naturally.  This is an awesome, organic skin care line that I know you will also love and hopefully scoop up for those on your holiday shopping list!  Side note the story behind the company will also make you smile.  Owner/CEO Kristen Bowen who is working closely with the Uganda Project.  (Check out the website.  It will make you smile reading all the good work they are doing).  Each product contains cocoa butter sourced ethically.

In the world of hand and body lotion please check out Sorrento.  This super rich moisturizer will have you feeling like you are in Italy on vacation.  This is a fantastic mix of lemon, bergamot and vanilla like no other.  I’m really not kidding.  A $14 bottle has me so happy it is not normal.  I smell delicious and my skin is softer.  Oh; and the weather is getting colder.  You need to treat your hard working skin.  And reminder: the purchase is actually helping girls attend school.

Next up from this amazing company is one of their coffee scrubs.  Moxee coffee scrub to be exact.  Ok I tried this yesterday; took 20 minutes for myself and used the scrub in the shower.  This is mint meets coffee and gentle exfoliants and you are on your way to a make shift spa day.  All you need to do is apply with wet hands and rub into your tired mommy skin with circular motion.  Then leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse.  I ran my shopping list through my mind while I waited.  This is a sad truth; honest yet sad.  I say use it as often as you can.  The jar is $20.00 and a great gift for teachers, sisters and friends.

This company has so many more items to check out – lotions, bath bombs, lip care, skin care and more!  They are great quality products with a great charity they are helping.  They deserve your business this holiday season!

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