Best Fashion Deals on Comfy Clothing This Week

Girls, I love finding good shopping deals and some days I’ll scour for the best discounts at my favorite retailers. This week I’m focused on deals that are comfortable and happy and will keep me cozy.


This week, I found deals at the likes of American Eagle, Macy’s, Abercrombie and Gap. If you’re a frequent shopper at any of those and you see deals of up to 50% off you can probably tell why I am so excited.


To start the games running, American Eagle is running 25% off their leggings. And when have I ever not needed leggings? Sometimes I just feel like leggings are like socks. You always need them and you can’t go wrong with them.


Macy’s has jogger pants at almost 75% off which is a ridiculously good deal. I own these and they are probably the most comfortable pants that I’ve had. You just want to girl up in a ball on the couch, watch Netflix and feel good.


Abercrombie and Fitch has a 20% off but this is another fashion standard.  The Bodysuit is just something that is comfortable and happy and well, discounted quite well.

I love Gap and they also have their leggings on sale if you don’t like AE’s leggings.   They are another standard in fashion and you can’t go wrong with leggings.

Lululemon isn’t something I normally buy but I’ll take a 1/3rd off sale. They come in dozens of nice colors so I’m sure they’ll have something you need for your standard Tank Top.