To the test: Gary’s Premium Cocktails Mix

Where I live, COVID restrictions have hit pretty hard. Restaurants and bars shut and reopened a few times. Gone are the days when I could gather with friends over a drink. Or two. Or more. Gary’s premium cocktails mix to the rescue when I want something different than my usual Scotch or rum. I was able to try the Classic muddled Old fashioned mix and the Bloody Mary Mix.

You probably and hopefully guessed that the Bloody Mary mix will allow you to make a great bloody Mary if you mix it with vodka. At $5.99 on their website (and maybe cheaper in a store near you) for a big 32 oz bottle, it is a solid and cheap option for your home cocktail.

If your liquor cabinet includes brandy or whiskey, Gary’s old fashion mix is another great option at $9.99. One oz of brandy or whiskey, a half oz of Gary’s cocktail topped with sour soda and you are on your way for a great digestif (or aperitif, I’m not judging).


Proudly made in Wisconsin, Gary’s cocktails might be cheap, but they taste and look like a premium product. They do not come in a plastic bottle, but in a traditional glass bottle that will stand out in your cabinet.


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