Best Healthy Eating Snacks for 2021


Now that we’re going back to work and to school, I’m trying to pack healthier snacks for my husband and kids. That said, they usually protest because they’d rather something terrible from a vending machine.  My feeling is that there are so many healthy snack options out there; well, there are no excuses for not eating healthy.

Here are a few of our favorites from 2021 that we tried to make you happy!


FILLO’S Americas Made

Okay, this is probably the easiest mixes that I’ve ever seen and they have not only an amazing taste, how healthy is rice and beans?  But what I really love is the variety here.  You can get the Cuban flavor, the Puerto Rican flavor and basically tastes from around the world.  My husband loves ordering from various local latin based restaurants and this is not only quicker it’s so much more affordable.

Bowmar Butter

Sarah Bowmar is a fitness guru who does quite a bit more than most fitness people that I’ve seen. Too often, everybody is an “influencer” and here we have somebody who is just taking things to the next level.

First, she is a mom and that frankly is so awesome to see in entrepreneurs.  But here she’s made high protein peanut butter. I’ve found peanut butter to be an amazing snack but high protein brings it to another healthy level.



Better Than Milk

What’s better than milk? Almost anything that’s not from a cow. Have you seen how cows are treated? I really don’t think any animal likes to be treated that way. Plus cows have other things in the milk that I just don’t particularly want. Now you have a choice of rice, oak, almond type milks… both sweetened and unsweetened. So to answer, “What’s better than milk?”, something healthier that doesn’t effect the cow!



First, you gotta realize that the name Barnana has an R in it. That makes sense when you realize that they love making banana’s into bars. In fact we covered them in our guide last year. That said, they’re now out with bananas into chips. Does this make sense? No. Do I love it? Yes.



I’m concerned that you don’t understand how much I love Whisps. They are dried cheese which induces immediate happiness. Cheese makes everything better and this is cheese in your hands. Happy cheese with happy flavors that makes me feel happy.  Their newest flavors are barbeque, tangy ranch and garlic herb, all of which simply increase my cheese happiness.


Clio is an adorable little name as well as an adorable little yogurt snack. If you ever want to eat yogurt but couldn’t be bothered scooping it out, then this might be for you. They come in various flavors, as you see in the photo, and are an addictive little snack as well as being healthy because, well, it’s yogurt.


I am addicted to a non-dairy solution for coffee and Koita Solstice by in a little problem by making a frothable soy for coffee. Now you can have vegan coffee without though concern skipping on the froth. This is made in Italy and I have a feeling Italians know what’s good for coffee.

Fit Snack
Fit Snack has a subscription fox basically getting you best healthy snacks, including coupons to order more. That coupon thing is really a nice addition to the script scription box because sometimes I want to order more of something and this gives a little more incentive to do so.

Naked Seed

Naked Seed has this minimalistic font style which also matches the product. It is basically powder from seed. You cannot make it more complicated than that. Some protein powder is made with milk or soy or other ingredients which you might or might not want in your diet but this is just seed. Nothing more and nothing less.





Mary’s Gone Crackers


Learn a new fact every day… Mary’s Gone Crackers is the largest organic and gluten-free cracker in the country.  But I’m addicted not just because they are organic and gluten-free, but they are probably my favorite go-to cracker.  Get me a nice tapenade of some healthy olive spread or maybe artichoke, and I’m in heaven.


Moon Shot


A snack made with heirloom wheat. I mean, get your head around that. One of the things I TRY to do with my kids is to diversify their ingredients a tad. Maybe I’m crazy, but I love the idea of mixing it up and heirloom wheat ain’t your regular wheat. Plus, and more importantly, the kids love this stuff.


This stuff is quite a bit healthier than the usual crackers that I give the kids, so this is a nice and market improvement.

Dirt Kitchen

Imagine taking the cuttings of vegetables in your kitchen and drying them out. Then add some cool spices, and throw them in a bag. Boom! You have a snack that rivals your typical snack in a bag by taste and well surpasses it with the healthy factor.

Barney Butter

Almond butter is a nice alternative to traditional peanut butter, and this stuff tastes amazing. Maybe take one of the crackers that you see above, and boom! You have an amazing treat in a lunch box.  I suppose you can eat it straight out of the bottle, but for purposes of packing lunches, it probably helps to double it up with some amazing crackers like above.


No Cow

This sentence alone sums it all up:  no gluten, dairy, whey, are low in sugar, high in fiber, and are paleo, keto, vegan and kosher approved

This is as healthy as I think you can get. My hubby is a vegan, and it’s hard to find something vegetarian that doesn’t sneak in milk or something.  But if you’re trying to do anything healthy, this stuff follows all of the usual rules. Low sugar/high fiber.  Now I just have to convert to Judaism to appreciate the kosher-approved factor.

Epic Popcorn


Okay, now we are pushing the healthy limited because this is popcorn with a little extra something something. That said, I feel like every Christmas, I’m buying my kids holiday popcorn anyway. Isn’t it better to at least get a healthier version of the traditional Christmas popcorn?



Blender Bombs

Blender Bombs are nutrient packed little bombs filled with superfoods for your smoothies. Do you want a nutrient dense add on to make your smoothies even healthier?  Just pop these in!  I took a bomb, mixed it with my usual protein powder and… boom! Super smoothie!

Sun & Swell

Speaking of tiny, happy and nutritious balls…. you have Sun & Swell. Sun & Swell foods makes these lovely little bites that are quick nutrition on the go.  Date and Cashews, Cacao flavored. But I just love that these are basically pop and go. If you’re a mom on the run, you can pop these in your mouth and then you’re the healthiest gal at the ball!


Seeds of Change

September is National Rice Month and its time to eat healthy.  These grains come in flavors like Brown Basmtic rice and Jasmine Rice.  But even better they partner with FoodCorps to support planting.

Warrior Mix
Is Warrior Mix a granola or is it a trail mix or is it… heck, it’s a warrior mix!   This tastes amazing and has no artificial ingredients and is paleo. It’s women owned and paleo, but this unique take on a trail mix is something else entirely.

Pop Bitties

Pop Bitties are a new take on chips. Take these grains and basically turn them into a modern rice cake.  Now you have these rice cake like chips which could be used for dipping right into a hummus.  They are a unique take on a chip and really their own thing.



Daring Chicken

Daring Chicken is the first vegan chicken I’ve had that actually tastes like chicken. They not only made a healthier chicken but they totally hit the texture on the nose.  The cajun pieces above will definitely trick the biggest fan of chicken.


Hubs Peanuts

Peanuts are just healthy for you. But I honestly can get slightly bored with eating peanuts every day. Hubs is not only a long running peanut company but they make awesome varieties like “Honey Kissed” etc…

If you want to keep eating healthy but with a little spice, try the Sweet Heat.  But personally, I was addicted to the honey kissed which is awesome.




Just Like Home

Just like Home makes homemade pasta sauces. Why is this a quick easy snack? I don’t have time to make sauce, let alone healthy sauce.   So with an easy pop on the stove, i can make myself a quick carb friendly pasta and throw on a healthy pasta that tastes just like home. But what i really love is that they have variants of standard sauces.   I absolutely love the variant recipes like: Sweet Potato Pomodaro which I clearly haven’t had too often.

Naked Infusions

This four pack is a deal at $23.99 but what makes it even better is it’s basically organic and clean ingredients. These are organic, plant based, and basically clean and happy ingredients.  But honestly, if I’m going to buy salsa, I’d rather get ingredients that are clean and happy for the same price as the terrible ones I normally buy!  Plus, these taste delicious.

Icon Meals

I love this protein popcorn. Not only does it taste delicious, it’s an easy and quick win. The freedom one looks pretty and reminds me of my old style puff cereal.  The chocolate one has such a nice kick of sea salt it just makes me happy.


Brainiac Foods

Brainaic foods makes on the go foods, just for your happy brain.  Do you like Omega and Choline? Do you even know what Choline means? Well, if you’re into that sorta thing, then you might like Brainiac foods.  You can grab a quick peanut butter on the go and feel quite happy and maybe a bit smarter.

Abby’s Better Nut Butter

I’m not sure which one I love more. They have these nice little nut butter bites which are awesome to just pop in your mouth and keep running. But what’s really cool is unique flavors like Vanilla Cashew and Apple Cinnamon Walnut. Who even sees these flavors anymore?

But on the right, you’ll see these little butter packs which are great to basically inhale when you’re chasing the kids, as much as they’re awesome on a more dignified cracker while sipping tea.

Bella Sun Luci

This is one of those snacks that I had no idea of what to make of it.  It sorta was like sun-dried tomatoes, but has the spiciness and texture of jerky.  That combo is a flavor and taste upon itself.  Did I like it? Yes, I loved it but I loved how different it was. As a vegetarian, I also loved that it gave an entirely new taste and feel than I’ve had before.

Naughty Fruit

Who doesn’t like a fruit snack. Well this is not only a wonderful fruit leather but it’s wonderfully spiced too. These are 100% raw and the spice is incredible.


Salvation Snack Foods

Salvation makes paleo/keto brownies that taste unhealthy and decadent but aren’t! They are incredible brownies and more specifically, try the dark chocolate brownie.  These have to be the best brownies that I’ve ever had.