Best Foods to Try in 2020

We all need something to cheer us up in 2020.  For me, I tried various  snacks and foods and these are our editorial teams favorite foods to try in 2020.  If you want to try a new snack or a new drink, or a new meal, try some of these ideas.


Vermont Wagyu
Take all the goodness of Wagyu and mix it with the wonderness of maple syrup. Basically do you like good sausage but want it better? This takes your sausage to an entirely new level. Wagyu means quality and maple syrup means awesome.









Shrewd Food


These are probably the lightest foods I’ve ever eaten. Like imagine a cracker filled with air. But don’t let the light feel food you as they are filled with protein. So a health snack that’s filled with protein? Sure.










Wild Tonic Kombucha


I’m not going to lie. This one threw me a bit. It’s incredible Kombucha but to be honest the herbs element took a bit getting used to. The basil and rose can be the most jarring but if you’re into it, then it’s great. The blackberry mint felt the most familiar compared to the other too.







Brewers Crackers
In this case, the name brewer carries quite a lot of weight. They’re referring to crackers made with the left over grain from brewing beer. And what do you have? A hearty cracker that tastes great and makes use of what might have been thrown away.







Path of life

Home – Simple Quinoa & Cauliflower Blends | Path of Life

They believe food should be simple so here we are. If you want to make a quick and healthy snack for the kids Path of Life makes it super simple. Slap the bag in the microwave, smack it on the plate and Boom. Kids momma made you healthy!








American Flatbread

This is a restaurant chain in Vermont and I’ve actually been there! I love this chain and was so thrilled to see they sold these pizzas. I’m not going to lie, these are some of the highest quality flatbread pizzas I’ve tried. They are basically for those pizzas lovers who are looking for something different and crazy.








Pratt Standard
These syrups not only taste amazing, but they’re all natural. I was going to use them to make some nice drinks for Mom, but my daughter now got into making mocktails. This concerns me but with a little vodka can be quite useful. I actually didn’t know how easy it was to mix drinks and now with covid-19, momma can quarantine in style!








Red Baron

Ding Ding Ding! This wins the award for the press pack of the year. I’m used to just regular frozen pizza, but I love that they’ve upped the ante a bit. Stuffed crust which tastes amazing. But the next level where is the PIzza Melt. That four-cheese pizza was freaking amazing. This Red Baron did not taste at all as I remember frozen pizza tasting when I was a kid. I felt like it was just ordering in a delivery.







Penne Straws
Penne Straws

File this under, Snacks for Nonna, for pretty obvious reasons. Also, a great snack for that traditional Italian big Sunday dinner. But that said, the churro version is definitely not a standard flavor and is a whole new flavor in itself.








That’s It
They make various organic snacks but they’re running a special AND free shipping right now. I love that! But on top of it, these stuff are really good. The Crunchables are a new kids snack and Momma loved the Sea Salt Chocolate.










I have no idea what these things are but they’re amazing. Plant based, and I think they’re made with banana. Sure, i could do my research but my point is, based on taste, you’d never know. They’re like chips but healthier. I mean tortilla chips and peanut brittle can practically kill me but these stuff are quite a bit healthier and higher end and they taste amazing.






Talia PIzzaTalia

Talia DI Napoli sends out pizzas that are not only taste authentic but look gorgeous.  They really take only 10 minutes to heat up (we just did it for lunch).   But the quality! The quality!  These pizzas definitely taste real and high end. I also love that the prize point is cheaper than ordering from your local pizza place but they get to you in a day or two. But the best part? These are made in Napoli itself. You are literally eating Italian pizza! How crazy is that?









Capatriti Olive Oil


I love their motto. Honesty.  They check it, they test it for quality. They make sure that their olive oil is of the highest quality. And it shows. This is good stuff.  Not only does it taste good, I love knowing the quality is of a level that I’m not worried. We have so many ingredients that are over the top and this is honest and pure olive oil.