Best Keto Snacks


Keto is a diet which is high in protein and high in fat it has no sugar to trick your body to burn more fat. That said I do love the idea Of no sugar. We scoured the universe for the best keto snacks in here is our list of the top keto snacks for you to try.


Gym N Eat Crickets
These areas Keto as you can get, but they’re crickets! If you’re brave enough to eat crickets, you’re eating pure protein. They taste similar to roasted chickpeas, but they’re well… crickets. My daughter surprisingly ate the buffalo ranch flavor. She liked them so much that she finished the entire bag, so that tells you something.








Mammoth Creameries
Keto plus ice cream? What’s the problem? This is not ice cream, but look and taste better. This is decadent frozen custard with only one gram of sugar per half-cup serving. Mammoth Creameries uses high-quality ingredients like cage-free eggs and grass-fed butter.









MCT stands for Making Change Transpire. It’s a forward-thinking company that is trying to make a difference. Each of these bars match their philosophy of celebrating positive transformation by also being made with organic materials, non-GMO, etc.. They contain collagen, which could improve signs of aging. The Berry Beautiful Bar was rich in flavor!









Ketonia has Amazon’s best selling bakery, or so they tell me, but after eating these macaroons, I can see why. This is really a great mix, and I love how quickly I can whip out a recipe. Plus, did I mention the macaroons were incredible? And keto!









Dah! Almond India Style Yogurt

Who knew there was something called India style? What makes it different? I researched this extensively and still don’t have a complete answer for you. The Indian tradition is to make yogurt at a lower temperature at a longer time. I can tell you this is the smoothest and creamiest almond milk-based yogurt I’ve ever had, so I call it delicious.






Wholly Avocado

WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE | America’s #1 Selling Guacamole & Avocado Dips

Wholly Avocado makes eating avocados easier. It’s great for breakfast on a school day because you can put them on some toast, and you’re ready to start your day. You can even pop one in your kid’s lunch box with some pretzels for an easy and healthy snack. It is very versatile since it is only avocado. I like the ease since I can never get my avocados to be perfectly ripe when I want them to be.







These things are awesome! Who doesn’t like cheese? Who doesn’t love cheese to take on the go? These chips are insanely addictive. And they have a nice variety that you can pick up quite a few of them. The nacho flavor are our favorite.








Epic Provisions
…And the award for innovative use of meat is Epic Provisions! Epic makes Meat Bars from venison, chicken and beef which were flavorful with 10 grams of protein and only 3 carbs. I particularly liked the Chicken Crisps. They are super crunchy and do not have an overwhelming chicken taste. My favorite was the Cracked Pepper flavor. These pair well with cheese and avocado.







Crystal Farms Cheese Wraps

I love cheese, any kind of cheese. Crystal Farms makes these amazing cheese wraps so you can have your sandwich or taco without carbs. I love the Marble Jack with eggs for a tasty breakfast burrito! This is a great twist to making a burrito!