Tune in for Game Night with Spontuneous

Combine music, family fun, and board games into one at the next family game night with Spontuneous!  Spontuneous is a fun board game that is a great addition to bring for a stay at home family night, or for a get together with friends.  My family loved the random “songage” that Spontuneous promotes, and how easy it was to play.


Spontuneous can be played in 4-10 teams, or individual players for those more competitive spirits, and is great for ages 8 and up.  You have to be hip to the lingo for Spontuneous: trigger-word (word that triggers you to sing a song), tunesmith (player who announces a trigger-word), and hit-list (list of trigger-words each player creates).  The board game is set up as a cute treble clef, and no talent is needed in order to play.  One player starts as the tunesmith and announces a trigger-word.  The time starts counting down as it is a race to see who can sing or shout out at least 5 words from a song that contains said trigger word.  The team or person who does so first gets to roll the die and move forward.  If everyone is stumped, the tunesmith has to sing a song with the trigger-word they announced, or they have to move backwards down the treble clef.  There are also spots labeled for you to pick up a Spontuneous Card and follow the directions/challenge on the card to throw some extra spice and surprises into the game.

Whether you are into rap, acapella, country, or opera, Spontuneous is the game for you.  It brings everyone together for some fun, laughs, and there is no penalties if you are out of tune.  Pick up your family’s copy of Spontuneous at https://www.songgame.com/.