The Very Best Snacks for Your Kids Lunchbox

Lunchboxes are no joke. You have your picky eaters, you have a school with strict rules, you have allergies, and then they complain they want variety on top! I actually dream about the lunchboxes of my kids. What to put in this week? Here are some great ideas for snacks you can give your kids to take to school or for after-school activities. Healthy, balanced, not too expensive, delivered straight at home and tasty! A dream come true!


image of barnana treats

We go crazy about the Barnana snacks in our household! They are so tasty! And we feel so good eating them!

The Crunchy Nuggets contain plantains, coconut oil, and seasonings, that’s all! The crunch is so satisfying and the different flavors are each great! Ranch, Barbeque, chili lime, or pink salt.  Get one of each for only $7.99! The Barnana crunchy nuggets fill up well. Only 1.5 oz, but since they are small you munch on them for a while. It feels like you are snacking but they are actually healthy! And they are free of GMOs and sugars, and absolutely no allergens in sight! A great little snack to add to any lunchbox! Even adults will love them!

Another great treat from Barnana—Chewy Banana Bites. They contain…banana and only banana! They taste amazing and eat like candy! I feel good giving these to my kids, they are a great “dessert” for their lunchbox! You can get 12 of these for only $23.99!

Barnana also offers chewy bites of coconut and mango!


image of ZBar blueberrymuffin kids snacks

My children love the ZBars from Clif Kid! You can get them in different flavors: chocolate chip, iced oatmeal cooky, chocolate brownie, and blueberry muffin. These delicious bars are organic, made out of whole grains, and non-GMO! ZBars offer a great source of fiber and are really nutritious! These will fuel your child for all their adventures!

With only oats and soy, these bars are even accepted in practically all schools! Find out where you can get these bars near you from the official website! Walmart, Loblaws, Shoppers Drugmart. Plenty of stores carry these great snacks!

It’s Nola

image of 3 packages of itsnola snacks

It’s Nola offers amazing chewy granola bites made out of natural and organic ingredients. These little granola balls are both sweet and savory and come in four great flavors: Cranberry Coconut, Mango Masala, Strawberry Banana, and Chocolate! Something for every taste! These granola balls have a very pleasant texture that doesn’t crumble when you are snacking on them. I love to add them to my yogurt, but my kids love to eat them on their own. It’s Nola is a clean and delicious vegan snack, containing gluten-free organic rolled oats, organic real nuts and seed proteins (healthy fats), organic dried fruit, organic spices, and lots of love. Unlike your traditional granola, It’s Nola is low in sugar.

We adore the It’s Nola snacks! Get a variety pack with all four flavors for $21.99, or a six-pack of your favorite flavor for $28.99.


image of joolies snacks 3 dates

Joolies are my son’s favorite snack ever! And I love that he is getting his energy from a healthy source! Three pitted organic Medjool dates are just perfect for a mid-afternoon snack or as dessert!

Dates are considered a superfruit, naturally packed with fiber, magnesium, and potassium. Joolies dates come pitted, so no need to get rid of that annoying pit!

You can get 8 snack packs for $14.99.

Made with Local



Made with Local offers chewy granola bars that will fuel your children. And you can feel good buying from a company that does really good for the community! These Canadian bars taste amazing and are made out of natural ingredients! We adore making our own granola balls with their mix, so our children can participate in “creating” their lunch snacks! All of their products are made in Nova Scotia by locals with local ingredients. The Made with Local granola bars come in seven flavors! No way even the pickiest of eaters will not find one they love! For $39.50 you get 12 of the Made with Local real food granola bars.

Nature’s Bakery


And here are finally my favorite bars! The Oatmeal Crumble by Nature’s Bakery! I can eat four of them in a row! These are just great! And….they come at only $6 for 6 bars! Made with real fruit jam and delicious whole grains, The bars of Nature’s Bakery taste great and make you feel good. The soft-baked bars contain only real, wholesome ingredients. They are a certified vegan snack with the perfect balance of nutritious & delicious! Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars are plant-based and deliciously soft-baked without gluten, dairy, nuts, or GMOs.

There are so many options at Nature’s Bakery! Seven different Whole Wheat Fig Bars, chocolate or banana baked-ins, strawberry or apple oatmeal crumble bars, raspberry, pomegranate, or blueberry gluten-free fig bars, and the famous brownie bars! All varieties come at $6 for 6 bars, a real steal!

Pearls Olives to Go


The Pearls Olives to Go! Snack Cups are great for those that like a saltier taste to their snack!  Each package of Pearls Olives to Go! contains four single-serving cups (similar to fruit snack cups but without the liquid mess). These easy-to-open cups stay fresh and tightly sealed until you or your child are ready for a healthy snack.

The entire Pearl Olives to Go! line is gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, cholesterol-free, trans-fat-free, GMO-free, and vegan. With no allergens in sight, they form the perfect addition to any school lunch box!

You have five different olives in these convenient snack cups! Black pitted, Black sliced, Manzanillo stuffed pimiento, Kalamata pitted and Black pitted Italian herb. The retail price is $3.99 for a  4-pack of 1.6-ounce cups. They are available at Target stores nationwide and other major retailers, including Stop & Shop, Giant Food Stores, and Martin’s Food Markets.

Tree Top FAVs


The Tree Top FAVs is a delicious and nutritious treat filled with vitamins! These are a great source of vitamins A, B6, C, D, E, and zinc, and are made with real fruits and vegetables! Free of nuts and dairy, no glutens, artificial flavors, or artificial colors, with non-GMO ingredients and no high fructose corn syrup in sight! These are truly the best fruit pouches you can get for your kids! They come in four great flavors: orange, strawberry, banana, and peach. The playful and convenient packaging avoids mess.

Find out where to get these amazing pouches straight on their official website! The Tree Top FAVs fruit and vegetable pouches are sold in single-flavor cartons of 10 3.2-ounce pouches retailing for a suggested $8.99.

The all-important Lunchbox!


The Bento Boxes from The Dearest Grey are our family’s favorites! Made out of food-grade silicone, they fit perfectly in the lunch box! You can even place them in the freezer overnight to keep your child’s food cold for a period of time! Ditch the plastic and go for a way more convenient solution! Freezer-safe, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe, packing a lunch has never been easier! The Bento Boxes have three available sections and a lid. The biggest section can fit a whole sandwich (cut in half). The Dearest Grey has these Bento Boxes in 16 different colors and sizes! You can color code for each family member! At $25 per Bento Box, these come at a great value!