Best Vegan Food Products

Being a vegan and cooking vegan has become so much easier over the past few years. I used to simply be tofu and veggie burgers but now have expanded to an array of vegan food products which makes it so much easier to make a well-rounded veggie meal.

image of chi rizo, a vegan food product

Oh, it’s Chi Foods which makes plant-based meats that cook up in 4 minutes. Yes, 4 minutes quick. The Chi-Rizo had the taste down perfect of its inspired name sake of Chorizo. But I love reading how simple and cut-to-the-chase this is. No sketchy ingredients, nothing strange, just plant-based meats without the drama.

image of pkgs of afia falafel, a vegan food product

Afia Falafel has a variety of premade falafels that are basically as simple as throwing them in the oven and baking them up.  This is their vegan bundle which includes 2 Bags of Traditional Falafel, and 1 bag each of Garlic & Herb Falafel, Turmeric (Spicy) Falafel, Sun-Dried Tomato Falafel, and Za’atar Falafel.

What I love about this is that while Falafel is awesome Vegan food, sometimes you can get a bit tired of it two nights in a row. The Tumeric Spicy one is so different than the traditional one. It really does “Spice” things up! Get it?  But in all seriousness, it’s also a great meal to have on hold in the freezer and ready to prepare on quick notice.

image of several jars of momofuku products, a vegan food product manufacturer

What you see here is a collection of wonderful Momofuku products. First, of all, you can’t get quicker and easier than noodles.  And if you want it spiced up, you can see the selection from Chili Crunch to Tingly Salt.  But these are not the same noodles you had in college. These are the real deal and you can taste it.  My favorite was the Tangy Chili Wavy Noodles, but all of the noodles are great. I also loved how this is a great base for a meal and you can add in whatever you’d like.

image of a variety of bitchin sauce containers, a vegan food product

This is Bitchin’ Sauce. These sauces make dips that taste incredible and they’re made with raw, California almonds. First of all, they are amazing because in this world of allergies you know exactly what it is. But second of all, I could sit here eating their buffalo sauce as a dip for hours. Now, as you’ll see in their photo they have even more types of products including desserts like apple pie and chocolate. They even have side sauces like their spinach artichoke.

image of bags of a variety of nasoya tofu products for our vegan food products list

Next up is Nasoya, whose tofu I was already quite familiar with. Turns out they have dumplings as you can see in the photo. In addition, they now have a “plantspired” line which is basically tossable as the label says. You can throw this in any stir-fry and immediately have a quick and easy meal. In a sense, what you see in the photo shows you their entire circle of products made from tofu which you would prepare to toss into a bowl or which you can throw in any stir-fry.

plant provisions

Plant Provisions makes cold cuts out of veggies which will definitely fool any meat eater. In particular, the red peppers and chickpeas you see with some nice cheese and horseradish made an incredible “ham “wrap. I love that this is the closest I’ve ever seen deli meat but it is completely standalone vegan.

image of cans of unmeat, luncheon meat style and tuna style flakes for our vegan food products list

If you’ve ever missed Spam, then here is your chance. Unmeat also has fish-free tuna which really well replicates that tuna taste. Between the two of them, they are really spot on with how the original tastes. How do I tell you as a vegan I’ve not had Spam in decades and this was quite a treat of something so perfectly replicated?

image of 3 kinds of Vegky jerky for our vegan cooking products list

Mushroom jerky is incredible and Vegky replicates the taste and feel of regular meat jerky overall. It’s super strong in fiber. In addition, I do love that they donate a portion of the proceeds to Blue Mountain Humane Society. Back to the point, this spicy mushroom jerky is the perfect road trip snack.   It has the taste, texture, and feel of jerky down perfectly.

vitalife mac and cheese

Vitalite sent us this incredible kit showing their Vitalite cheese as well as a pack of Colavita pasta and almond milk. What is amazing about this? With everything you see here, you could make a wonderful mac & cheese dinner completely vegan. Sometimes the mac & cheese doesn’t perfectly melt the right way so it becomes close proximity of mac & cheese but not exactly a great mac & cheese. I can tell you that this Vitalite did melt perfectly and the recipe was quite easy to pull off.


Casa Alvarez makes pre-packaged Chile Verde. My family and I love trying foods from all different cultures. And with Casa Alverez, we can have Chile Verde in minutes. Casa Alvarez started in Colorado. Casa Alvarez is one of the longest-running eateries in Boulder, Colorado, and now you can enjoy their Chile Verde from home. They have two flavors—pork and veggie—and since my husband is vegetarian, we can eat the same meal together. Casa Alvarez is a great family-run business and a great way to bring Mexican flavors into your home.

18 chestnuts

18 Chestnuts makes locally sourced dairy soy and gluten-free soups. Of course, I heard about these soups and have to mention my annoying vegetarian husband, who absolutely loves them. These soups are incredibly healthy and delicious. With school nights getting busy, it is a lot easier to heat up some soup, and all of a sudden, dinner is served.

plant based bacon

As you can probably tell, this is vegan bacon which means I just have to get my husband’s opinion. He thinks they taste just like bacon, which I might disagree with. I will say that they are easy to cook and look just like bacon. My husband loves being included in family breakfast, so now, when the rest of my family has real bacon, he can have his fake bacon and still be happy. I love that OZO’s “bacon” has less than half the saturated fat as real bacon, so it keeps my husband healthy since his diet usually consists of cookies and toast.

primal kitchen

Primal Kitchen has a rather straightforward mission…foods that are healthy. Now, if you think of most sauces, you might not realize it but they’re basically sugar upon sugar.  Here they’ve taken Buffalo Sauce and made it with Avocado Oil. The Mayo doesn’t use all the unhealthy ingredients but is actually a much healthier alternative.  Now, these aren’t straightforward Vegan at times, but if you pick and choose, you have a few choices which are much butter. Replace your Queso Dip with their No Dairy Queso Dip!