The Best Hot Chocolate in New York City

MarieBelle in New York City has quite a few fantastic things going for it than just a gourmet chocolate shop. Its look, its teatime, and of course its chocolate.


For the look, this has to be one of the most gorgeous stores that I’ve ever seen. It is painted this beautiful shade of blue and adorned with florals and gold accents. I was speechless and in awe when I entered. In the middle is a grand chandelier reflecting elegance as well as opulence.


Adding to this theme are the beautiful chocolates in pretty boxes topped with bows. This is the kind of chocolate that works perfectly for gifts, anniversaries, and any specific moment that one wants to go well above and beyond.


In the back is a separate section called the Cacao Bar. the room envelops you in warmth and delightful fragrance. We partook in the tea time, which was undoubtedly a fantastic experience. Teatime, in general, goes over quite well with not only the moms in the family, but this is something daughters certainly love too. The tea service came with finger sandwiches, homemade jams, and various delights like perfect macarons.


The best part for you chocolate lovers are getting hot chocolate instead of tea. Throw away all of those notions of having tea because what is most important here is the hot chocolate. This hot chocolate is so above and beyond any hot chocolate I’ve tasted that I can say with confidence it’s the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. It is simply an amazing hot chocolate made without milk and tastes like melted chocolate in a cup. it is served in MarieBelle signature china with a side of vanilla-flavored whipped cream. You can choose from a variety of flavors such as Aztec and Hazelnut.


If you can’t decide Johnny the Troublemaker, yes that is his name, will provide samples throughout your experience so you get to taste a variety. If you need a caffeine and sugar boost order the Midnight Espresso, a combination of dark chocolate and freshly brewed espresso.


There are many reasons to visit MarieBelle including its tea time, gourmet chocolates, a chat with Johnny the Troublemaker, but the hot chocolate will have you coming back again and again!