New York City Fire Museum

The New York City Fire Museum is another great deal in Manhattan for families. With an admission cost of $10 an adult and $5 a kid, it is an economical and exciting way to pass a couple of hours.


The museum has firefighter trucks from every historical era in New York City. Seeing these vehicles up close gives a new perspective to firefighting history in New York City. In addition, it goes well beyond simply firetrucks and has every aspect of fire fighting. This will certainly appeal to either the husband who is in love with history or the kid who is in love with firefighters and firetrucks.


For the husband in love with history, you’ll see that there are tons and tons of historical artifacts that you can spend time looking at and not feel rushed as opposed to regular museums. The museum has an exhibit on the dedication and losses suffered on 9/11 that is a must-see.


For the kid who is in love with firefighters, this is essentially going to Mecca for them. Every angle has something to do with fire fighting and it’s sure to appeal to that kid in the family who is always jumping outside the second they hear a fire truck approaching. There is a section that teaches fire safety as well.


Overall it’s a powerful museum that gives a renewed sense of respect for firefighters working so tirelessly in New York City. if you’re spending the day in Soho or Downtown this is a wonderful excursion at an exceptionally reasonable price.