Biggest Shopping Deals Trending Right Now

Ninja FoodiI scoured the web with my secret tools and searched for the biggest deals trending right now based on their discount.

The criteria I used was anything that was discounted almost 50% or more and not at the traditional Amazon.

Not that I’m against Amazon, but I do like a little diversity in my shopping

So, without further adieu, here are my picks for the best deals I found for today!

1) Ninja Foodi – This food basket is nearly half off and I love that buying on Kohl’s online means you can just pick it up today. Satisfy your urge to shop and just buy and pick it up!

2) Crocs Sandal – Normally I avoid cros, but these sandals look gorgeous and don’t look like traditional crocs and they are half off!

3) I love my Roomba like the next gal, but this BobSweep does the job and is like 75% off!  Check it out on BestBuy.


4) Walmart has this umbrella on sale for almost half off. We will probably be enjoying our backyards this summer, so might not be a bad option.

5) I have never shopped at Everlane, but their leggings are 50% off! You can’t beat that deal!

Now, let me know. Which of these worked? Did this list help?  Do you like these discounted specials?

Should I run more shopping specials like this?