Alternative Easter Basket Ideas

Sometimes I just want to get something different for an Easter Basket.  I feel like traditional baskets can be fun but then again maybe I just like to have a bit of fun with it.  So, I scoured some ideas and came up with some alternative ideas for Easter Baskets


Melissa and Doug’s Easter Fun

I always love Melissa and Doug because I trust that they’re smart and high quality products. Some kids toys/products are really just mass produced hell from some god forsaken place and I feel like our designed to be thrown away. These are the real deal.

Plus, when I say that they’re smart, I love that they are just though out with the kid’s brain in mind.


UnReal Snacks

Unreal makes real candies that don’t taste like they should be considered real. I mean real candies are bad for you and filled with sugar, but these are good quality and taste incredible. They are high quality and if you read the ingredients you will not be terrified by the chemical names.  That’s what makes them unreal!

Cookies Con Amore

Look at this adorable cookie set up.  Cookies Con Amore doesn’t just make cookies like Nonna used to make because Nonna is actually here making the cookies! How awesome is it to be able to order Italian cookies from Nonna… directly from Nonna!

And look at the adorable shape of this bunny.  Seriously the picture is good but the basket looks even better.




Krayon Shop makes crayons. Wow isn’t that cut to the chase explanation but it’s true. Now look at this crayon! It’s a whole different level of cool. It’s a bunny that looks like a bunny.

If you have a kid into art, this is like one stop shopping. Instead of a basket, you can get a crayon bunny.

Lilys Easter


Lily’s Chocolate

Sometimes Mom just wants something different and these chocolates are healthy and better with the sugar. I actually was hoping for a bouquet of “flowers” made up of chocolate bars so maybe I’ll have to do it for myself!

Check out Lily’s Easter like flavors!