My house has become completely obsessed with gaming and Minecraft; building, sharing, battling towns etc; I just have no idea what they are talking about half the time.  I do adore when they get hooked on something that actually teaches them skills instead of “mindless watching”.  I was super “stoked” to share Bitsbox with them this week: I am happy and they are happy.  Kind of a crazy concept.  Basically, this is the coolest subscription you will get your kids: choose “digital”, “bitsbox book” or “original bitsbox” option (most are monthly; “original” can be 1,3 or 12 month plans.  The book is full of super cool apps; my kids are basically fighting over the trading cards and stickers that come in the box.  I love how everything kind of coordinated with each other (concept-wise) and my reward to them for excellent coding achievement was to unveil their “mystery toy”.  Trust me: the app collection has options for my younger and older child (box suitable for 6-12 years) and I really felt they were both challenged. As a parent I adore that my kids are actually learning the concept of computer programming!  Oh and this works on iPad, iPhone, Android, Amazon Fire Tablet; you name it!   I actually think I am buying this as a gift for the holidays; such a wonderfully educational and fun box to look forward to each month!  Please check Bitsbox out:



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