Color Club Nail Lacquer

Me and my baby girl are totes ready for fall with the new line of nail lacquer colors from Color Club.  I have been checking out a couple of colors from their “Midnight Muse” line and we are super thrilled with the options.  The company appeals to me since it is all about woman power (being woman owned) and the product is made right here in the great State of New York.  They are always coming out with new and fantastic color lines and “Muse” simply does NOT disappoint.  We tried out the whole collection (“Unphased” or rust, “Meteor-Right” or metallic purple, “Men Are From Mars” or wine, “Martian Martian Martian” or green, “Astro-Naughty” or light blue as well as two glitter colors “Many Moons Ago” (pink glitter combination) and “Cheetah-Me-Not” (black glitter combination).  All these colors go on so super smooth and are really opaque for a sleek and finished look.  I chose to go “Astro-Naughty” meets “Cheetah-Me-Not”, while my daughter went “Men Are From Mars” meets “Many Moons Ago”.  Cannot wait till next weekend when we test out another cool color combo.  Each bottle costs around $8.50; also great gel and nail art options also available along with hundreds of color choices.  Please visit

Midnight Muse



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