Black Is White Whitening Toothpaste


curaproxMommy’s pretty much run on coffee and wine; and both are sooooo bad for your tooth enamel.  I always try to keep my teeth as white as possible but a little help never hurts.  I loved being able to try out Black Is White tough whitening toothpaste and I am seeing great results!  Ok so I will admit I was  a little scared as the toothpaste is literally black in color.  I actually chickened out twice to be honest.  It has a yummy and fresh lime taste which I wasn’t expecting but loved.  Basically the “activated carbon” in the paste gives the paste the black hue.  This makes it possible to have whiter teeth without abrasive bleaching.  The stains are actually absorbed and eliminated without any pain, tingling or discomfort.  I also love that the enzymes in Black Is White help with antibacterial and antiviral fights!  So let me get this straight: white teeth, cool sensation while brushing, nothing harsh and I am fighting off bacteria…..sign me up for life!  Couple the paste with Curaprox’s high performance sonic toothbrush and you have quite the dynamic duo!  The product will run you around $30.  For more info visit

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