PeriActive Oral Rinse Review


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I recently discovered a fantastic product, PeriActive Oral Rinse.  I must admit, it made quite an impression on me.

First and foremost, the ingredient list of this oral rinse is a thing of beauty. It’s packed with natural botanicals without any harsh chemicals or alcohol. These natural botanical compounds kill bacteria, are anti-inflammatory, and can even help to repair damaged tissue to combat oral health issues. Plus, it has a refreshing minty taste that leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh.

One of the standout features of this oral rinse is its clinical effectiveness. A study published in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene found that PeriActive Oral Rinse was effective in reducing plaque, bleeding, and gingivitis in just four weeks of use. According to another report by the Journal of Oral Hygiene and Health: PeriActive is safe and effective and significantly reduces the progression of gingivitis and plaque formation.

If all that isn’t enough, here’s another great thing I notice about PeriActive…it doesn’t BURN while you’re rinsing. That’s my wife’s favorite part. We, men, tend to just “man up” and swish. Check out their website, then go get some and SWISH it around in your mouth. Your gums AND your significant other will thank you.

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