Blkbx: Wht R U Hding

Here is your absolute stop-what-you-are-doing-and-pay-attention item.

Bullying – it is a horrendous vicious circle that never seems to go away.  Grace Gaustad gets everyone talking about the important topics at hand.  The Blkbx: Wht R U Hding Conversation Card Game ($45) is a great way to get the talking going about your childhood, dreams, relationships, trauma and so much more.  You can actually play it with anyone; your bestie, your partner – hey even by yourself!  I love how different this is.  A great game and great idea!

Also available and really special is her Blkbx: Wht R U Hding Book ($40).  I actually spent some time going through this beautiful poetry and picture book with my teen this weekend and it really helped open the doors to talking about things that were maybe bothering her, or her friends, or simply something she heard or had a question about.  I found it really brought us together.

Grace has some great videos you can access at – completely recommend!  Definitely worth taking some time out of your busy schedule and connecting with someone important in your life.  If we learned anything over the last two years, the alone time was probably the most damaging. Please check this out.