Boost Your Immune System with Be On-Guard

How to boost your immune system? We are coming out of the winter, everybody wants to be outside as much as possible. But it is still quite cold and wet. The flu is everywhere and our kids are bringing all kinds of viruses home from daycare and school.

Best 365 Labs offers a regimen you can use to pump up your immune system.

  1. The Be On-Guard Nasal Spray ($19.95) cleanses and moisturizes your nose. Using it 1 to 3 times a day will defend your nose against viruses and bacteria by keeping it clean. Just like washing your hands regularly, cleaning out your nose will protect you from disease.
  2. The Be On-Guard Mouth Spray ($19.95) defends your mouth and throat against viruses and bacteria. With a formula containing clinically studied CVK-365 water, Vitamin C and Patented Silver it helps support a healthy immune system.  The stabilized oxygen, mineral oxides, and nanosilver provide a triple threat defense mechanism.
  3. Be On-Guard EZ Safer Air ($19.95) can be used with a diffuser filled with water nightly by your bed. It freshens and defends the air with the power of stabilized oxygen and mineral oxides to defend against airborne pathogens and bacteria.

Best 365 Labs offers products that are 100% U.S. made with FDA-approved all-natural, organic, allergen-free, and non-toxic ingredients, which means they are approved for living areas.

You can get their products straight from their website, or from Amazon.