Blood x Sweat x Tears Vodka

First and foremost Blood x Sweat x Tears Vodka is uncommonly smooth and drinkable. Did a little tasting with one of my buddies and we were blown away with the taste. Not sure how to describe it other than nice and smooth. It would be great for sipping or mixing a cocktail.

Second. I love the bottle. It’s super cool. You know you want to show this off in your liquor cabinet.


Third.  I really like the story behind the vodka. Real people making a real spirit. It’s not easy, but they’re making it work. I love to see the misfits (self-proclaimed) win one. And I’m pretty sure if they have by means of making this vodka.

They say that “there’s a story behind every bottle.”  Ben Green and Umberto Luchini set out to do vodka in a different way. Like it’s never been done before making their first batch in an ex-laundromat in Oregon. Ben is a self-taught distiller and Umberto is the creator of the brand, Blood x Sweat x Tears. It seems they were both ready for something different. Something not so corporate. I’m not sure if it’s Umberto or Ben who writes on their website ” We’re proud to say that Blood x Sweat x Tears Vodka is a spirit like no other. Because it captures ours.”

All in all, I’m really impressed with the vodka, the bottling, and the story. A must-try for all you vodka drinkers.

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