Blu Advance 4.0 Smartphone / Giv Mobile

I just love a phone that brings you all the smart phone greatness without the contract.  Blu, a Florida based company speaks this very language and brings us unlocked smartphones that carry no contract.  I was able to put the Advance 4.0 to the test and we were super happy!  This phone runs like a standard Android; you can download apps and use google play to go the extra mile!  The speakers work really well and it is a seamless process to enjoy your music within seconds through the MP3 player or YouTube!  Text and email features were super easy to set up and the 5.0mp camera takes beautiful clear and crisp photos!  Speaking of pictures, this baby carries dual camera capability: the 2 megapixel camera and the VGA front camera making it super easy to capture each and every smile.  I was beyond impressed with the battery life; I am so used to being a slave to my charger and not so much at all with the Advance 4.0.  This phone held the charge the entire day.  You simply cannot beat the price (around $60) making this a perfect solution for the college student who loses things, aging parents who need that “emergency phone” or anyone really! Check out the Advance 4.0 and other Blu products at  You can purchase right on Amazon:

Paring this wonderful smart phone with the good people at Giv Mobile was the best idea yet!  Simply choose from a variety of compatible phones (like Blu Advance 4.0), pick one of their 5 contract-free plans (yes I said contract free!)  Options span from $25-30-40-50-60 and contain limited/unlimited talk/text/data and up to 4G LTE speeds.  The best part is a donation is made to charity with each plan choice ranging from $1.60-$4.80 per month.  Charities include options like arts, cultural, humanities, public benefit, international, health, environment, education and animals.  Your choice and we are on our way to making a difference towards world improvement one call/text at a time.  This is literally win-win: you score a contract free smart phone and Giv Mobile donates to charity.  For more information please visit  Wonderful quality and wonderful concept!

advance 4.0 phone

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