Ambi Even and Clear CC+

Ambi Even and Clear CC+ will truly give your skin the “color and correction” that it needs.  This is a rich and really smooth cream full of Argan Oil, Antioxidants and Shea Butter ; the cream actually protects your skin from the elements of being outside and helps you steer clear of dryness, fine lines and of course the dreaded wrinkle.  To the touch the cream is a sort of royal experience, super soft and blends into skin really easily.  CC+ cream contains SPF 30 perfect for the end of summer rays that hit you even when walking around on your lunch break.  You can safely reapply every 2 hours and should start out at least 15 minutes prior to exposure.  This fantastic line of products also carries an exfoliating wash, a fade cream and daily moisturizer (also with SPF 30).  Each item ranges in price from $6.99-$8.99 making this luxury affordable for everyone.  I want to try out their soft and even daily cream; the quality of AMBI skin care is the reason why.  There is an immediate shield of moisture and perfection with the hint of luxury that you truly deserve.  If you love some of these products, you can set up subscription plans so they arrive every few months!  One less thing to think about!  For more information please visit

ambi cc cream

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