Blue Diamond Holiday Almonds

image of two cans of blue diamond holiday almonds

There has begun this rapid trend during the holiday season of making food products that taste a little bit more festive, by combining normal tastes with holiday season flavors. Blue Diamond Almonds decided to match its almonds with the flavors of Snickerdoodle and Peppermint Cocoa. It’s a festive idea, but I’m not exactly sure if it’s a harbinger of the apocalypse. Is it an indication that we are reaching the end times by just simply throwing holiday flavors on everything?

The Snickerdoodle is actually a very good mix and I don’t know if I would isolate it simply to the holidays. I know with my initial intro you might have thought I would hate it. In fact, between the two, I would buy the Snickerdoodle flavor throughout the year. This tasted amazing.  They should do even more flavored types of almonds.

These are limited editions, but definitely shouldn’t be limited!

Contrary to the initial tone, and my feeling of being aghast at the thought of another holiday flavor. I actually kind of liked these, and I was far from completely traumatized. In fact, I will be ordering Snickerdoodles whenever I see you come out. I highly recommend this Snickerdoodle and it’s definitely worth a try.  Make more flavored almonds, Blue Diamond!

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