Tag4MyPet – The Very Best Christmas Gift for a Pet Parent

image of tag4mypet name tags with collars

We love our little kittens Loki and Luna and would dread if ever anything happened to them. A pet tag is therefore a must! But if you have to give them a tag, why not something of quality that is beautiful? Tag4MyPet offers beautiful name tags for your four-legged companion that are completely customizable! This Christmas, give your best friend a great gift under the tree. Or give a pet parent a pleasant surprise!


Tag4MyPet offers hand-stamped or laser-engraved metal tags. These little disks are designed to be simple and durable.


You can choose between a round little disk or a square diamond-shaped tag. Both in brass (gold-colored) or aluminum (silver-colored). You can choose what to hand stamp or engrave on both sides. Add your phone number and/or home address, and choose the image to add around the name of your pet. The tags come in two sizes, 1″ or 1-1/4.”

There are countless options and choices available! You can really create something that speaks to you and your pet. You can even get a Custom Laser Engraved Tag with your special request! And…it comes at only $19.99!

Tag4MyPet also creates beautiful slide-on tags that you can put on the collar of your best friend.  You can completely customize these as well. Add one or more phone numbers, an address, or other information as you wish! The advantage of these slide-on tags is that they are jingle free! The tag itself is made out of stainless steel, and it slides over the collar with two durable silicone hoops.  Customize your very own slide-on tag!



Tag4MyPet also has quite the options in collars for dogs and cats! Our kittens received the Bow Cat Collar, which comes with one of their famous slide-on pet IDs. The collars have a breakthrough buckle that will easily open and prevent your cat from getting stuck during their adventures! I adore the little bell, but you can easily remove it if you or your pet prefer. The bow collars come in five colors: green, pink, blue, red, or black. And they cost only $12.99, or $20.99 with pet ID!


For more ideas for the coming Christmas, Tag4MyPet is launching gifts for pet parents. For instance, an adorable Dog Mom Hoodie comes in a choice of six colors and you can customize it with your own text, font type, and image of the dog breed. They also have stunning Pet Portraits made from a picture of your pet! This art piece will be forever in your home! You can also gift it to a college student that is missing their best friend. Or get your parents a beautiful frame of their departed pup. This is truly one of the most thoughtful gifts ever!