Boheme Retreats – A Getaway for Mom and Dad

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Boheme Retreats: Embracing the Bohemian Style of Camping

When it comes to camping, we have discovered that each campground possesses its own unique essence. There is something undeniably bohemian and retreat-like about it. Tucked away along the serene Willowemoc River, Boheme Retreats is a hidden gem, easily missed if you’re not aware of its existence.

The true stars of this campground are the RVs, each with its own distinctive character and style. From Shirley to Rosa, these individually named vintage RVs exude charm and personality. During our stay, we found solace in Shirley, our chosen abode. Decorated in a fabulous vintage fashion, and adorned with flowers and other whimsical touches, these RVs exude quaintness and bohemian vibes. It’s like stepping into a scene from the Broadway musical Hair or a 1960s commune.

The amalgamation of vintage elements and the secluded nature of Boheme Retreats create a truly unique and peaceful ambiance. Adding to the allure is the nearby Willowemoc Creek. As we drove in, it felt as if the river had been artistically sculpted, as though it were designed by Disney itself. The gentle sound of the flowing water provided a soothing soundtrack throughout our stay.

One of the highlights of this retreat is its proximity to the town of Livingston Manor, a quaint and bohemian enclave that complements the overall atmosphere of Boheme Retreats. If cooking at the campground is not your preference, a quick 10-minute drive will lead you to Livingston Manor, where you’ll find a selection of excellent restaurants to satisfy your cravings.

Nestled amidst the campground are several beaver dams, adding to the natural wonders surrounding us. It was truly delightful to be immersed in the wilderness, surrounded by chirping birds and playful chipmunks, while witnessing the industrious activities of the beavers.

Engaging in conversations with Keva, the owner, it becomes evident that her vision aligns perfectly with the location. The vintage RVs harmonize with the classic river, creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. We can’t help but wonder how her vision will unfold as she continues to add more uniquely styled RVs to the retreat.

Keva herself is a delightful and accommodating host. She provided us with firewood, fire starters, and excellent coffee, ensuring that our experience was as enjoyable as possible. Sitting outside, listening to the gentle flow of the creek while gathered around the fire, was a truly magical experience. Our stay in Shirley, a charming yellow and white trailer adorned with beautiful decorations, was incredibly comfortable. The well-maintained grounds provided ample opportunities to explore, including a hike to a nearby waterfall. The general store near the trailers was a convenient stop for picking up ice and firewood.

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The attention to detail within each cabin is remarkable. Though each has its own unique style, there is a unifying thread of bohemian aesthetics that ties them together. The entire area exudes tranquility and a sense of retreat, connecting the dots to create a harmonious experience.

In many campgrounds, there is a sense of constantly being on the move or engaging in various activities. Boheme Retreats, however, embraces the art of relaxation. It invites you to sit by the fire, savor a glass of wine, and let the stress melt away. If someone had asked me in the past whether I would enjoy sitting by an RV, sipping Chardonnay, and gazing at a river, I might have been unsure. But having experienced it firsthand, I can confidently say that I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Having previously explored other RV resorts, such as Sun North near New Orleans, which was bustling with family-oriented activities, Boheme Retreats stands in stark contrast. It embodies the true essence of a retreat, making it perfect for couples seeking a peaceful getaway or even for hosting yoga retreats. I can easily envision returning with my girlfriends, each of us occupying our own vintage RV, starting our mornings with invigorating yoga sessions, followed by afternoon hikes, and ending the day with a delightful dinner in Livingston Manor.

What captivated me the most was how Boheme Retreats truly comes to life once you make that right turn off the unassuming road. It’s as if a hidden world unfolds before your eyes, transporting you to a realm where relaxation and natural beauty reign supreme. The charm and serenity that permeate this retreat are nothing short of enchanting.

As we reflect on our experience at Boheme Retreats, we are reminded of the importance of embracing the bohemian spirit and finding solace in nature’s embrace. It’s a gentle reminder to slow down, appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, and immerse ourselves in the tranquility of a retreat-style camping experience.

Boheme Retreats, with its vintage RVs, the soothing melody of Willowemoc Creek, and its proximity to the bohemian town of Livingston Manor, offers a captivating escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is a place where time slows down, and one can fully connect with nature and oneself.

If you seek a camping experience that goes beyond the ordinary, where relaxation and retreat are the guiding principles, then Boheme Retreats beckons. Unleash your inner bohemian spirit, indulge in the beauty of vintage RVs, and allow the peaceful surroundings to rejuvenate your soul. Let Boheme Retreats transport you to a world where simplicity and tranquility harmonize, leaving you with lasting memories and a longing to return to this hidden bohemian haven.