Garnet and Carnelian Heart Necklace, “Fire Heart”

I love handmade beautiful custom jewelry on the Novica Marketplace.   What’s great is that every Novica item comes with a universal guarantee that items are quality tested and verified by Novica’s region teams, are made in a certified clean packing environment, and incorporate the principles of fair trade with 100% happiness guaranteed.  The “Fire Heart” is a quality attractive handmade piece of jewelry that is unique and interchangeable.

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Novica is an online marketplace that connects artisans from around the world with customers who are interested in unique, handmade products. The company was founded in 1999 by Roberto Milk and has since partnered with more than 2,000 artisans from over 50 countries.

I received many compliments wearing the Garnet and Carnelian Heart Necklace, “Fire Heart,” by Mariana Llanes.  It is a handcrafted piece of jewelry found on the Novica website. The necklace features a heart-shaped pendant made from garnet and carnelian gemstones set in sterling silver. The pendant hangs from a sterling silver chain.

The combination of garnet and carnelian stones in this necklace creates a striking contrast between the deep red of the garnet and the bright orange of the carnelian. The heart-shaped pendant adds a romantic and sentimental touch to the piece, making it a thoughtful gift. The price point is very accessible.

Mariana Llanes is a jewelry designer who creates unique and handmade pieces using natural stones and other materials. Her work is inspired by nature and the beauty of the world around us. “Fire Heart” is a beautiful example of her craftsmanship and attention to detail.  The piece pairs well with earth tones like brown, orange, or white.  It’s casual enough to wear with jeans or dress it up with a simple dress.