Boob Glue

Summer is sundress, strappy dress season and as it is usually sticky and sweltering outside, I am thrilled to be testing out a product that will help me and my “boobies” stay in place.  So pretty much you use this product just like it is named.  Boob Glue goes on clear; you roll it on and keep yourself perky and in place when you wear clothing that has you going “bra-less”.  Where on earth was this fantastic product when I got married (this is great for brides, bridesmaids, prom, evening gown attire, sundresses, halter dresses, corsets, even bikinis)!  What I was beyond impressed with was how it not only lasted hours but it washed off so easily!!  Boob Glue doesn’t contain anything harmful to your skin; it is pretty much aloe and vitamin E; its beyond mind-boggling how it works so well.  It took me just a few seconds to roll-onto my clean skin and then after pressing my breast into the proper “spot” and holding for around a minute I was good to go for my nephew’s wedding.  This 3 oz tube is also super packable for your next trip to a formal event.  It even fits in your purse should you need it.  This product costs around $36.95; please visit their website for more information: 

I’ve used tapes in the past; this is totally easier and really works!

boob glue

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